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Conical Technologies, based in South Africa, is a dynamic, level 2, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) company operating in the ICT sector. Our competencies in RF and Microwave environment allows us to focus on a wide specialist services to the Telecommunications industry.  

The Specialized services offered to clients in the telecommunications industry include, but are not limited to the following:

– DAS system fault finding

– Ping testing

– RFC 2544 Testing

– RTWP interference testing

– EMI Leakage Testing

– Swop outs

– Antenna’s, Diplexers, MW Dish installations

– Antenna Tilts

– Swapped sector fault finding

– Feeder Sweeping

– Legacy DAS system maintenance and repair

– RF planning

– DAS system design

– Antenna moving

– Antenna and feeder maintenance

– Equipment room including all hardware related cabling and environment maintenance

– Lightning protection and grounding

– Radio Equipment maintenance

– Painting

– Generator Delivery and maintenance

– RF & GPS System Problem Solving

– De-Commissioning

– Earthing and lightning arrestor installation

– Earthing Audit

– MW alignment

– DAS system modification

– RF Maintenance

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