Conical Technologies has been appointed as the African representatives for a number of enclosure manufacturers. These include CP Cases, OMP Mechtron and Nanuk.

Our range of enclosures include 19″ Sub-Racks, Boxes and Cabinets, RF shielded boxes, Ruggedised cases, Ruggedised 19″ racks in Aluminium and plastic, and much more.

OMP Mechtron has been manufacturing high quality metal enclosures. 

Their product rage support industries such as Telecom, Railway, Energy, Broadcasting, Medical, Military and Industrial.

The OMP Mechtron product range:

  • 19″ Subracks,
  • Custorm 19″ subracks
  • Subrack components:
    • Card Guides
    • Extrusions
    • Side pannels
    • Subrack trays

CP Cases is a well known manufacturer of plastic racks and cases for protecting delicate equipment and ultimate protection of 19″ rack equipment against saltwater, impact, vibration & extreme temperatures, keeping it secure during transit and ready for rapid deployment.