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Conical Technologies are partnered with top suppliers of Test, Measure & Occupational Health Suppliers to ensure that you find the best quality product to meet your needs.

AI Thinker

AI Thinker's mission is to provide stable and reliable wireless connection services and products for the Internet of Things. Our focus products is IOT Modules.


Aaronia specialize in EMC, measuring, tracking and monitoring technology. Our range includes Drone Detection systems, Portable Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Genrators, Directional Antennas, Omni-directional Antennas and RF over Fibre-Converters.

Logus Microwave

Logus Microwave, A world leader in the design and manufacturing of RF, Microwave, waveguide and coaxial switches.
Waveguide Switches
Replacement switches for Narda.

CernexWave, INC.

CernexWave, INC., is a manufacturer of hybrid and discrete microwave and millimetre-wave components, and sub-assemblies.


Nextek, serving the communications, aviation, computer, military, and medical electronic industries, NexTek’s goal is to solve customer EMC challenges with cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and service. NexTek is an excellence-oriented engineering company that provides best-in-class lightning protection, and EMC / power conditioning products and services. NexTek designs, develops, manufactures and markets EMI/EMC solutions internationally. NexTek provides technical resources and solves their customers’ EMC challenges by providing cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and services.


Mini-Circuits, a global leader in RF, IF, and microwave signal processing products, Mini-Circuits has easily accessible international sales offices, representatives, distributors, and manufacturing facilities that are totally committed to meeting the unique needs of our customers…from help with an applications question, to supplying large quantity production needs on short notice. Virtually anywhere on Earth, customers can count on Mini-Circuits to provide intelligent solutions to help make their project a success.

WT Microwave

WT Microwave designs and manufactures a large range of custom radio frequency (RF) & microwave passive products such as couplers, power dividers and filters, for a wide range of applications. With a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers designing and simulating custom filter designs and a fully equiped manufacturing facility, WT microwave is ready to help any client with filter products to eliminate EMI and interference issues at unprecedented speed.


Anoison are dedicated to providing the best solutions for RF and Microwave interconnect requirements. This includes General purpose cable assemblies, phase stable and phase matched cable assemblies, In-Series and Between Series adaptor: SMA, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, QMA, HPQN, MCX, MMCX, SMB, SMP, SSMA, Triax-BNC, BNC, TNC, 4.1-9.5, N-Type, DIN 7/16, 1mm, 1.85mm and f-type.


Our RF Microwave engineering capability extends from electrical and mechanical product design, to microwave waveguide assembly and electrical testing, affording our customers a full end-to-end engineering service and product development process. We also offer a full build-to-print service of a customer’s own product designs, and our engineers will always offer their expertise and advice to contribute to the product and strengthen customer designs.


On the quest for better performance, EMCORE pioneered linear fiber optic transmission technology and today we make the products that are transforming leading-edge aerospace & defense systems and high-speed communications networks.


Since the establishment in 2001, SUNGSAN Electronics & Communications grows as the leading company in the fields of High Power Amplifier for Military and Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Medical equipment by devoting ourselves to research and development.