AARTOS Drone Detection System

Spectrum Analyzers



Signal Generators

Shielding Material


PCB Prototyping

PCB Production

PCB Assembly

Component Procurement

RF Connectors and Adaptors

  • SMA
  • 2.4mm
  • 2.92mm
  • 3.5mm
  • QMA
  • HPQN
  • MCX
  • MMCX
  • SMB
  • SMP
  • SSMA
  • Triax-BNC
  • BNC
  • TNC
  • 4.1-9.5
  • N-Type
  • DIN 7/16
  • 1mm
  • 1.85mm

A range of High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors:

Multilayer Ceramic Radial Leaded Capacitors

Chip Capacitors

Surface Mount Capacitors

Disc Capacitors

Microwave Amplifiers

Custom Filters

Waveguide components

Frequency Doublers

Ruggedised Plastic Amazon Cases

Ruggedised Aluminium Cases & 19& Racks

Ruggedized Amazon 19″ Racks


Integrated Access Testers

Ethernet Analyzers

Data Transmission Analyzers

SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzers

Cable Testers

Network Reflectors

Emcore RF over Fibre

RF over Fiber Modules & Links

Satcom RF over Fiber solutions

Fibre Optic Gyroscopes

Mems Gyroscopes

Single-Axis Precision Digital Gyroscopes (Non-ITAR)

Single-Axis Tactical Grade Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

Euro Technologies

Adhesive Silicone

Conductive Fabric

Conductive Foam

Conductive Tapes

Eccosorb CFS-8480


Lab DC Power Supply Series

LAB AC Power Supply Series

LAB Electronic Loads

AC/DC E-Load Series

Power Meters

PV Test systems and simulators

Battery Test Systems and Simulators

AC Internal Resistance Analyzer

Waveguide Switches

RF Switches

Microwave Switches

Coax Switches

Narda Replacement Switches

Microwave Characterization Systems

Precision Calibration Equipment

Interconnect Systems

Precision Adaptors

RF Amplifiers

RF Filters

RF Test Cables and adaptors

RF Test Equipment

Frequency Mixers

DC-Blocks and attenuators

RF Power Splitters


Phase Shifters and Detectors

RF Transformers and Chokes


AC/DC Enclosed Power Supplies

On-Board AC/DC power supplies

Wide input DC to DC converters

High voltage DC to DC converters

DC to DC switching regulators

Industrial converters

Signal isolation transceivers

Signal isolation amplifiers

LED drivers

Auxiliary devices

IC formfactor converters

IC formfactor Power supplies


Nanuk Cases

Ruggedised Plastic cases 

Gun Cases

Camera Cases

Drone Cases

Outdoor Cases

Antenna Measurement


RF Safety and Occupational Health

Positioning Equipment



Coaxial Lightning Arrestors

High Current Filters

Custom Designs

Mil-Cots Dc to Dc Converters

Mil-Cots DC Filters

OMP Mechtron

19″ Sub-racks


Face Plates

Side & Top panels

Card guide rails

ESD Clips

EMI Contact Strips

Extraction Handles

Handles and Lateral Brackets

Sub-Rack Trays

19″ Racks

PEIGenesis Logo

PEI-Genesis is a global leader in the design and assembly of custom engineered connectors and cable solutions for harsh environments. PEI partners with customers to design engineered solutions that meet specific application requirements and then delivers with speed, service and consistent quality that is unmatched in the industry.

RG6 single Cable

RG6 Dual Cable

Ridgelock F-Type connectors

Stripping tools

Compression tools

FUTP CAT5E cable


 Shielded Boxes

RF Test Automation Systems

Solid State Switch modules

Digital Step Attenuators

Feedthrough filter

HDMI Feedthrough filter

USB 3.0 Feedthrough filter

USB 2.0 Feedthrough filter

LAN Feedthrough filter

Sylatech Waveguides

WG Slotted Array Antenna

WG Monopulse Comparators

WG Power Combiners & Dividers

Rotary Joints

Antenna Feedhorns

Loop Circulators

Stub Tuners

Waveguide Loads & Terminations

Coax to Waveguide Adaptors

Waveguide bends & Flanges

Waveguide Tees

Waveguide Twists

Waveguide couplers

Crossguide Couplers

Directional Couplers OMT’s

Waveguide Pressure Windows


Sungsan Electronics

Broadband Amplifiers

General Amplifiers

Linear Amplifiers


Custom Amplifiers

EMS Test Systems

Coax Water-Cooled Load

Custom Microwave PCB’s solutions

Industrial DC to DC Converters

Medical DC to DC Converters

Railway DC to DC Converters

Industrial AC/DC Power supplies

Medical AC/DC power supplies

Railway AC/DC Power supplies

Din-Rail Power Supplies for Automation

Battery and Energy:

Li-ion Soft Packs

Li-ion Hard Packs

Lead Acid Replacement


Land Warrior


Non-Rechargeable Batteries

High voltage diodes

High voltage rectifiers

High voltage multipliers

High voltage opto-couplers

High voltage power supplies

Custom filter solutions

High Pass

Band Pass

Low Pass


mm Wave filters

Band Stop Filters