EMI-RFI Solutions

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Conical Technologies are partnered with top suppliers of EMI-RFI solutions to ensure that you find the best quality product to meet your needs.

Euro Technologies

We are the main European distributor and converter of Shielding RFI and Thermal MANAGEMENT products. Our staff has worked in this industrial sector for 20 years so we have outstanding expertise in electromagnetic compatibility and specifically in customization of standard components (EMI, EMC, RFI and THERMAL MGMT). Our technical department can support our customers in the designing phase and help them to solve any kind of problem concerning electromagnetic interference or heat dissipation by using thermal management interfaces.


Nextek, serving the communications, aviation, computer, military, and medical electronic industries, NexTek’s goal is to solve customer EMC challenges with cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and service. NexTek is an excellence-oriented engineering company that provides best-in-class lightning protection, and EMC / power conditioning products and services. NexTek designs, develops, manufactures and markets EMI/EMC solutions internationally. NexTek provides technical resources and solves their customers’ EMC challenges by providing cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and services.


A leader in the antenna industry for over 60 years, the Rantec Microwave Systems name has been synonymous with innovative design, high quality and high reliability. Rantec antennas are in use throughout the world for both military and commercial applications such as radar, missile guidance, navigation, satellite communications and space. Our personnel have experience, skills and equipment necessary to design and manufacture products that can meet even the most stringent environmental needs.

WT Microwave

WT Microwave designs and manufactures a large range of custom radio frequency (RF) & microwave passive products such as couplers, power dividers and filters, for a wide range of applications. With a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers designing and simulating custom filter designs and a fully equiped manufacturing facility, WT microwave is ready to help any client with filter products to eliminate EMI and interference issues at unprecedented speed.